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LinkedIn is no longer just a recruiting site; I teach you / your company about precision targeting for business development. LinkedIn has announced its platform for social selling, proven by Forbes to shorten the sales cycle by 50%. Do you want to manage your online reputation? You can. Optimizing your profile is performed by our LinkedIn Profile Writers or we will show you how to D.I.Y. (do it yourself.) Why not include LinkedIn as part of your annual plan? We train best practices for immediate deliverables. As a former Chief Marketing Officer and a Fortune 500 Sales Executive, you are hiring an expert who advocates social media adoption for business conversations online. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For corporate clients who seek more than Linkedin referrals and prospecting, Wineman Wienke & Associates is a full marketing and business development consulting partner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My corporate clients tell me how much they appreciate my depth of knowledge inside professional services for mature businesses which need social media for a revenue boost. Need pointers about your LinkedIn Profile? Call (772) 370-2889 for a 20 minute consultation. Deliverables: ? LinkedIn trainer for bankers ? LinkedIn trainer for financial advisors ? LinkedIn advocate for lawyers / attorneys for better referrals ? LinkedIn Profile Writer ? LinkedIn Coaching ? LinkedIn Speaker ? LinkedIn for Prospecting ? LinkedIn Sales Training ? Constant Contact marketing Common misspellings D. B. Weinke

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